I was recently asked on my FormSpring about how I came up with the name AG One.

Here was my answer:
I am a strong believer in poeple living up to or accepting a role that is given to them or expected of them.

So with that in mind I took the A and G from the word Avant-Garde. I truly believe in our creative and administrative staff whole heartedly. I demand a lot of them; dedication, versatility, integrity, and innovation to name a few. They have risen to every challenge, and many times have exceed what was asked of them. So in a way the name was chosen as a focal point, knowing what we're striving for and keeping us on task for such. The "One" came from a chant I had written years ago for my fraternity:

One Goal, One Vision
One Idea, One Mission
One Love, One Strong
Brotherhood is life long.

I really liked the concept and solidarity of what "One" meant, but really it was personal significance to me. So I adapted it to how as a team we will address the issues we see in the music industry as one solid unit. Through our work and dedication we will produce the changes we want to see; because its one thing to talk, but it means much more to take action. So having the "One" in the name helps remind us of that.

so in a nutshell, that's pretty much how AG One came about.