I'm sure everyone far and wide has heard about the twitter announcement Jazmine Sullivan has put out (and since deleted) about her experience in the music industry and her current decision to take a step back from making music. (Link Here for details of what she tweeted)

After a heated Taco Tuesday discussion with Mr. NotesDesigner Jenny PSankeyzAkapela Jonz, and myself...these are some of the key points of our conversation.

  • She was not marketed correctly. Her label/management were trying to market her as a pop star -- but she doesn't have that look, or sound, at all.
  • She's like a present day Casandra Wilson -- she could have the soul market in the palm of her hands right now killing the game.
  • If [Mr. Notes] was her producer and we had the budget for it, we'd do her next album with the dap-tones but swap out the bass player for Pino Palladino. We'd have Roy Hargroove arrange the horn section on it, and have her cut a song with George Benson or Robert Glassper featuring somebody random with a vocal range like a Rob Thomas or an Adle.
  • Missy would be no-where near the project -- her sound (writing and production) has become dated.
  • It would be big, but right in here lane. It would be lo-fi drum and bass jazz soul, and it would be titled "MY Genre ??" ...it would be a way to say to the game you can't box in talent the same way you do these jack-n-a-box cookie cutter ass artist.

So many great ideas for her to have the game on lock; poor management and sour record deals leave artist with only one option when they've reached a tipping point -- quit.

Just listen to this rendition of "Midnight" by Jazmine Sullivan and you'll see what we're talking about.