I'm often asked, "what do you look for in an artist?" and yesterday for the first time I was asked, "WHERE do you look for artists?" ..which is something I've never given much thought to -- I'm referring to the latter.

I'm blessed in the sense that a lot of times artists come my way by referral...or I stumble upon some talented people while I'm out enjoying an evening with the fam. As far as my search goes...I usually make it know what I'm looking for and hope my networks come through..or I just make a post on facebook, twitter, craigslist, etc.

But in regards for what I look for...its a simple answer; just not always easy to find.

Much like baseball, you got to understand that 90% of this game is half mental. You're thinking the math doesn't add up, right? Wrong.

An artist my not have an abundance of talent, but that is what artist development is for. To cultivate, mold, and create complete artists.

What I look for in an artist is simple: Consistency, diligence, work ethic, dedication, and potential. If an artist shows me that they are wanting to grown and learn more about their craft and understand that music is about progression -- personally, professionally, and emotionally -- then I'd say I've found a great candidate.

Its really hard to help someone grow or become the artist thy are capable of being when they are just content with where they are currently.