The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step...or something profound like that. That's how this blog series should start out, saying something deep and meaningful as I begin to chart the making and completion of Akapela Jonz's "Wake Up and Dream" EP, which is slated for an October 5th release. However, while there are going to be alot of moments when we get deep, we get philosophical and downright, dare I say it,professional. This blog series, complete with companion vlogs from Mr. Jonz himself, is going to take you from a marekting concept to execution to reality. So much has to go into the building of an album. As I am learning, it is not just slapping a bunch of tracks onto a cd and calling it your album. Music listeners have gotten so particular in the last five years, an artist cannot just serve up a full album with a pretty cd booklet anymore (remember drooling over the cd booklet and being excited when they printed the lyrics on the inside? Was that just me?). Consumers want to be entertained and not just the afterthought or the dollar sign. Most importantly, they don't want to be taken for granted. Albeit, no one does, but consumers, especially music consumers, want to feel like they are getting a full experience, they want to be involved completely (see Kelly Rowland letting fans name her next album). As I am beginning to figure it out, the marketing plan, whether you're an established artist or not, needs to be simple and complex at the same time. The concept needs to be brandmined (thanks R.C.) down so completely, it's almost laughable that you didn't think of it yourself.

"Wake Up and Dream" is as literal as it sounds. Stop sleeping on your potential and get out there and not only dare to dream, but dare to chase that dream, put it in a chokehold and firmly make it your reality. It is my (and that of our illustrious Arnold Randall) responsibility to make sure that our audience is strategically getting that message in way that resonates and creates a top of the mind awareness as Akapela Jonz continues to grow. So stay tuned as we build a campaign from the ground up, hit walls, count our wins and flex our creative muscles. October 5th will be here before you know it and you don't want to miss a single second of what is sure to be an entertaining journey.

Post by: Tamika Cosen