So I was on the book-of-face the other day and stumbled across an interesting question. The question was "why is snoop dog still relevant after all these years?" It sounds crazy, but its actually a good question. After a couple minutes of hard pondering (on the porcelain throne) it hit me! Its his ability to reinvent himself, entice you, make you want to listen and most importantly sell you a life style. Whether your in Long Beach, California, sporting chucks and khakis, or in a Yankee fitted and some uptowns in Brooklyn, New York, everybody knows or has a favorite snoop song. No disrespect to Uncle Snoopy, but his nursery-rhyme rhyme scheme plays a major part of it, too. I don't care what it is, if it is simple enough for a toddler to get, then its more than likely gonna be a hit.

My whole purpose in blogging this is to plant a couple questions in your brain's:

1. What does the "invented you" look like? What would your image look like/what would you want people to perceive from your artistry?
2. What is so special about that person you wish to be that's gonna make people want to listen to you? No body takes the time to sit down and listen to music anymore. We listen as we live. On the go.
3. Are you making music that puts you on the path of longevity or on the path to be gone in 60 seconds?
4. When its all said and done how will you sell yourself? You have to know who you are going to market yourself to, and where you are going to be the most marketable.

If you haven't asked yourself these questions...well my friends, get to it! Cause time is tickin' and opportunity could be passing us by.

And remember..

1, 2, 3, and to the 4........... (I think you know the rest)

(Post by: Brutis Perux)