About a year or two ago we stumbled upon a dope album on bandcamp from a local artist based out of Santa Ana, Evan Geesman. Despite your thoughts on the role record labels play in the current landscape of the music industry, its always fun to discover an artist, see them grow creatively, and ultimately get signed to a label. The process is always interesting, and its special when you are vested in an artist that you discovered before they were put on a larger stage. 

Before Evan released his album, even before he started shopping it to labels we got to preview it. The entire project was dope, but there was one song that stood out among the rest that we wanted to remix -- Stalks. We did multiple remixes all varying in style and genre, and ultimately decided on our favorite version and sent it to Evan. By that time he had already locked in a deal with his label. We thought perhaps we'd get the record added in as a bonus release, but that didn't happen. Come to find out almost a year later, a whole new project was released with selected remixes from the original album featuring remixes from a slue of amazing producers; and we're #1 on the tracklist. Can't wait to see what this guy does next.

And for good measure, here's the original rendition of this record..