Prov 28:6 better is the poor who walks in integrity than he who is crooked and rich.

What's good young world? So I'm watching the Mo'Nique show the other night, bored out of my brain, and this cat Roscoe Dash is one of her guests. He's the cat that sings the "All the way turnt up" song. Anyhow, I'm listening to him answer the questions Mo'Nique is feeding him and this cat can barely put together an entire sentence (BUT HE'S GOT A RECORD DEAL!? lol).

He gets up to perform and you can't understand what he's saying... aaaaaaaand what little you can catch is either about some skeet skeet, swag or weed; but it gets worse. Souljaboy tell'em runs out on stage -- pants on super sag and a long red fox tail hanging from his belt (he really had a fox tail, watch the video lol).

Now don't get me wrong I would never dis what Soulja Boy and his team are trying to do and say it's not music -- because it is. But at what point do you stop and remember your integrity? At what point do you say, "My following is strong, my production is sick -- let me spit something influential, let me spit some truth about life; About my mistakes and how I learned from them" that the kid that's looking up to me instead of his mom or dad doesn't have to re-invent the wheel. At the end of the day would I like to have some extra dough, a nice house and a walk-in humidor(lol)? ..sure. But not at the expense of losing my respect, my integrity and everything I've worked so hard for. I love this game, but on the real its time to start cultivating what we do. I coone for no man -- never have and never will.

So as we perfect our crafts as artist remember this -- a record deal and a large cash advance does not define you. Your fans and your haters don't define you. It's what you accomplish through your love for the people, your self-respect and your integrity for your craft.

What good does it a man/woman to gain the world but loose their soul?

Peace & Love,